Tom Bradley

The Governor of Mid-Missouri Tom Bradley

Tom Bradley learned to voice his opinion at an early age. With 8 kids in the family, you better speak up or you’ll miss your share of the biscuits and the discussion going around the table. And while singing wasn’t allowed at the dinner table, no subject was off limits for family argumen…um, talks.

Four decades ago, Tom and his high school honey, Dynamite Deb, left home and started a life raising three kids and sharing the story with the whole World through Radio. The stations and formats have changed over the years (Country, Soft Rock, Polka?), but Tom’s appetite for creating that intangible Radio magic hasn’t.

The self-proclaimed Governor of Mid-Missouri has a ridiculous love for Columbia and a devotion to its causes. When he isn’t with his grand kids or hosting one of his many festivals (MO Beer Fest, MeatPalooza, Bacon & Bourbon), you’ll find him sneaking away on his Harley and heading out with his fly rod to soak up a heaping helping of his beloved Missouri.

Aaron “Foxy” Fox

Aron Foxy Fox and Homer on The Tom Bradley Show in Columbia Missouri

Aaron ‘Foxy’ Fox has had between 20-25 jobs all told in Jefferson City and Columbia over the last 18 (?!) years but the one thing that keeps calling him back like a siren song is Radio. The bug first bit him while attending the University of Missouri’s Journalism School and realizing television was just too much darn work.

Sports radio was where Foxy cut his teeth and he worked his way up from doing 30-second stories on Columbia College volleyball to running his own sports radio station. But on that path, he became a Fox-of-all-trades; doing news updates, sports updates, on-air DJ work and live broadcasts. In one form or another, Foxy has been on just about every radio station in Mid-Missouri.

He currently lives with his wife Kelly, their baby Eli and their Basset puppy Charlie. It’s a real life Fox(es) and the Hound. He hopes to force, er teach, Little Foxy to like sports as much as he does.

Foxy has also added “author” to his list of odd jobs, having published a number of children’s books over the last several years. Those books and more details can be found at Aaron Fox Writes

Lady Beth Halls

Lady Beth Halls The Tom Bradley Radio Show in Central Missouri Columbia Jack 93.1 FM

Lady Beth Halls has been a resident of Columbia nearly her entire life. Attending a hand full of local schools before attending Hickman High School (Go Kewpies!) and then Columbia College, she is a MIZZOU fan through and through.

In her early 20’s she began working as a Surgical Technologist and continued with it for 13 years. She specialized in multiple areas before ending with orthopedic revisions and trauma.

Beth and her husband, Jacob, own Craft Beverage Consultants where they assist wineries, distilleries, and breweries develop & organize business structures. Together they also run the South East Craft Beer Fest, and partner with Tom for Mo Bacon & Bourbon.

As a mother of 5, most of her “free” time is spent playing chauffeur and trying to figure out which child flooded the bathroom by trying to flush something they shouldn’t have.