Friday Food Fest.  We promised BACON and we’ll deliver.  But what exactly will the bacon be a part of?  hmm…?  While we eat, we’ll remind you the Missouri Bacon & Bourbon Festival is a little over a month away, Jan. 23rd at N.H.Scheppers Distributing.  Sponsored by MO Pork Association, presented by Mid America Harley-Davidson and The Tom Bradley Show.  Tickets available through this link:

I Need Some Muscle over here!  MSA at MU has asked the University of Missouri for an official response to the actions of then Assistant  Professor Melissa Click during the November protests at Carnahan Quadrangle.

More on th story from ABC 17 News

Again this week, after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, Pres.Obama claimed that we have more mass killings in the U.S. than any other advanced country.  Is this true?  Some are questioning the claim while others immediately believe him.  Let’s take a look at a verified, seriously exhaustive bit of research and a well-balanced article.  We’ll discuss it on TTBS, but you can read for yourself here:

The full story from Politifact