It’s a Food Fest Friday during Lent, so we’re building Shrimp Po’ Boys on-the-air.  And to wash ’em down?  Craig Stichter from Bur Oak Brewing is stopping by TTBS with delicious brews and news about this weekend’s home-brewers competition at the brewery.  It’s called The MASHup, 2-6 Saturday and it’s open to the public.

Bur Oak MASHup info

Can’t believe it, but The Pope weighed in on The Donald, kind of questioning Trump’s Christianity.  Wow.  We’ll report on the story, play the audio from Trump’s response, and share our own opinions on this one…

Pope -vs- Trump, story from CNN

And we’ll set a new record for TTBS by talking about Kanye West twice in one week!  His latest rant backstage at last week’s SNL proves he is one, seriously, messed up, egomaniac.  A guy searching for recognition for his talent, that frankly, many of us can’t see.

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