Last night’s GOP debate gave Trump and Cruz a chance to spar on a few issues, especially Trump’s charge that Cruz’s eligibility and citizenship could end up in a court case if he wins the vote.  In other words, The Donald is leading the new generation of “Birthers”.  We’ll share the tasty highlights this morning.

Full Debate story from FOX News

A video has been released showing a white Chicago cop shooting an unarmed black teen suspected of car-jacking…from 2013!  Exactly why was this video not released 1, 2, maybe 3 years ago?!?!

Video from 2013 shooting

And it’s a Food Fest Friday!  As we get ready for the Bacon & Bourbon Festival a week from tomorrow (Sat. Jan. 23rd), we continue pre-celebrating with BACON.  Tom introduces another first creating Bacon-Cheeseburger Muffins!

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