Can’t wait to talk this morning about the little town whose tap water is testing positive for THC…the intoxicating ingredient in marijuana.   Now, in which state do you think this “green” town may be?

The RNC wrapped up last night with a 75 (…..yawwwwwnnnnn…) minute speech by Donald Trump.  We get the feeling he might like to hear himself talk.  We’ll talk about the week’s convention and how much we’re not loking forward to Hillary taking center stage next week at the DNC.

And it’s a Food Fest Friday as we celebrate the end of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.  So we feature “Polish Boys”, sandwiches made famous in the city on Lake Erie….hoagie rolls with grilled Polish Sausage (From Jennings Premium Meats of course), French fries, coleslaw, and hot sauce.  Damn tasty!  We’ll wash it down with beer from Ohio courtesy of Jacob Halls and Scheppers Distributing.  ‘Cause when it comes to beer, Scheppers Shares The Love!