We start off TTBS this morning with the sweet and the sour…Rob rides his bike to the Broadway with a box of Harold’s Donuts in one hand, while Tom gets to start complaining about some comments made this week in DC by the interim president of MU, Michael Middleton.

Then it’s on to the argument of how draftees enter the NBA draft, which is currently underway.  Does a foreign player not playing for any American team HAVE to be a part of the draft?

And finally, we finish a Food Fest Friday with a game of Bean Boozled (taking chances on flavors of jelly beans like puke, dirty socks & dead fish).  Thank God Jacob from Schepeprs and Ashley from New Belgium Brewing are here with beer to wash it down.

And Foxy makes a run for pizza to Casey’s General Store.  Did we mention they’re famous for pizza?