RIO Olympics are underway, US is leading the medal count, but France has the leading video.  If you’ve seen the French gymnast that went off the vault and landed with the SNAP of his left leg, you know you can never “un-see” it.  We talk about it this morning as Foxy swears he’ll never watch it.

CNN has taken the latest 6 polls concerning the presidential race (they call it the “Poll of Pools”…that’s a little ostentatious, right?).  Anyway, Hillary’s lead over The Donald has increased.  And Gary Johnson?  He’s waiting for his chance to jump, any day now.

And if a woman is born female, but identifies as male, and then goes through with sex change therapy drugs and surgery, but then wants to give birth to a child, so has previously frozen eggs implanted into their body, and gives birth, is she, or is he still a, um, wait….if….oh crap.  This is getting more confusing everyday.