Hope it’s cold enough for you.  Waking up this morning with 0 degrees on MLK Day, which is good since school’s out and kids won’t be waiting for the bus out in this frigid air.  We’ll take a few moments to talk about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his legacy, strides we’ve made, and where we seem to have failed.

CNN Story on MLK Day & our progress

CBS & 60 Minutes aired their interview with Sean Penn last night, concerning his interview with “El Chapo”.  We’ll have a chance to chat about that this morning, and his “experiential journalism”.

60 Minutes video with Sean Penn

And we had a Democratic Presidential Candidate debate last night on CNN.  Thanks to Bernie Sanders, it was actually a little entertaining.  We’ll play a couple clips this morning and talk about Bernie, Hillary and Mark–uh, Mike.  No, wait.  Mack…Oh, Martin O’Malley.  That’s the other guy, right?

CNN Democratic Debate