We’re back from our Holiday break and ready to get back in the action, news stories and the discussions of serious to ridiculous.

Coach Robin Pingeton joins TTBS this morning.  The Mizzou Tigers Women’s Basketball (Rank 23) team is undefeated as they open SEC play and welcome perennial program Tennessee (Rank 13) to Mizzou Arena tonight (6PM).

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We have an armed militia that has taken over a U.S. National wildlife refuge near Burns, Oregon….they’ve vowed to stay “as long as it takes” as they protest the prosecution of a father & son imprisoned on charges on arson.  Not exactly sure which team is wearing the white hats in this scene.

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And the roller coaster of the presidential race is one thing that didn’t end with 2015.  It’s still here and we have new material from Trump and Hillary to help us usher in 2016 in style.