It’s a Food Fest Friday, and we’re breaking out the waffle irons with Start Right Foods.  This brand new, local company is introducing high-protein waffles & pancake mixes and we’ll be sampling them on TTBS this morning with Clint Mathews.

Wait, Planned Parenthood held a bake sale yesterday?  To continue their services? You’re kidding, right?

This morning we’ll have a lengthy discussion on Planned Parenthood, which locally has quite a story building as well as support from the MU community.

PP’s Bake Sale, Story from KOMU

And the MO Legislature has new rules regarding our creeper politicians and their handy, young, too-appealing interns.  Yes, they actually need a new set of rules because we can’t trust these married, church-going, community-leading men to “Keep Your Hands To Yourself” (Thank you Georgia Satellites).

Read the 13 pages of new rules