This morning, TTBS launched at 7:00 am for the first time as we welcome Aaron “Foxy” Fox to the line up.

MO State Rep Caleb Jones is with TTBS today to talk about his campaign, but also about his  comments last week calling out the City Manager for a lack of funding for the CPD and not having enough cops on our streets.

Following last week’s deadly shooting in Oregon, Pres. Obama politicized the event seeking more gun control.  Now Hillary Rodham Clinton has also promised more guns laws if she’s elected.  We’ll add our 2 cents worth on the issue…

Hillary on new gun laws after Oregon (CNN)

Red Bull wants to hold a “chariot race” in Columbia and the City Council is likely to vote it down at tonight’s meeting.  These guys never want to have any fun!

More on the Chariot Race from Col Daily Trib