Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March Madness gets into full swing today and we’ll discuss our brackets as we offer a “priceless” package of prizes to the winner of our TTBS Competition:  2 VIP Tickets to MO Beer Fest, $50 to Truman’s Bar & Grill….and, the Official Mizzou Basketball autographed by disgraced former MU coach Frank Haith. (Please, someone win this so Tom can kiss it goodbye!).

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We’ve had ridiculous response to a Facebook post earlier this week concerning a daredevil motorcyclist on Stadium Blvd that the Columbia Police would like to find.  Yes, standing on your bike at 50 mph on city streets is illegal.  But some are defending him.  Why?  And is it any worse than what car drivers are doing “privately” in their vehicles on that same stretch of road?

CPD is looking for this winner, taken Monday on Stadium Blvd. If you happen to see this rider up to his tricks, write down the license number and pass it along to the Columbia Police.

Posted by The Tom Bradley Show on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

President Obama has nominated Merrick Garland as the next Supreme Court Justice, but Washington Republicans are vowing not to confirm any nominee in an election year.  What’s legal?  And what’s the right thing to do?

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