Remember the news last month that Missouri residents may soon have trouble boarding planes because out drivers licenses are non-compliant with the Real ID Act?  It’s beginning.  We will not be allowed onto Department of Defense bases starting now with our DL’s, only a valid passport.  We’ll go into depth on this issue this morning.

Real ID Act starting to affect MO

Actress and FOX News contributor, Stacey Dash, is no stranger to controversy.  Now she’s lit up the “Lily White Osacrs” boycott by saying some Americans are creating segregation with things like BET…she even suggests Black History Month does the same thing.  She may be very right.

Story and Video on latest from Stacey Dash

MU’s Interim Chancellor Hank Foley has issues a letter to Faculty, Staff & Students addressing free speech and “safe space” on the campus…issues that ballooned a couple months ago during the protests.  Sounds like a smart move…maybe…but Melissa “I need some muscle over here” Click is still employed by the University.   WTH?

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