Dear Lord…The drama of “As Mizzou Turns” continues.  In today’s episode, Former President Tim Wolfe has unleashed the hounds, writing a super-scathing email beating the crap out of leadership at MU.  We have his email and we’ll delve in…but we won’t have enough time to read it on our 3-hour Radio show today!

Tim Wolfe email story from The Columbia Tribune

….And, the MU Board of Curators has decided now to suspend Melissa “I need some muscle over here” Click…with pay!

More on Curators & Click from The Trib

And tonight is the last GOP Debate before the Iowa Caucuses and it’s hosted by Fox News.   Trump still says he’s not going to be there.  That’s a shame.  The ratings will be down and he’ll get to take the credit.  Which will be absolutely true.

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