United States Senator Roy Blunt is back with TTBS this morning, fresh off his Ag Tour and endorsement by Missouri Farm Bureau.  We’ll catch up on actions in D.C., including whether or not we’ll be voting on the Supreme Court nominee…and Roy can take a moment to talk about opponent Jason Kander’s love affair with Hillary Clinton…”What a Pair”!

Roy Blunt Web Site

Only a few days away from the April 5th election, 3rd Ward Candidate Tom Leuther joins TTBS this morning to talk about why he’s running, what he sees as priorities for Columbia, his fight against incumbent Karl Skala, the YouTube video that’s become a divisive force, and anything else we think is worth asking.

Leuther Candidacy Web Site

Plus, are Missouri’s Wild Turkeys Stupid?  Tom Says they’re magnificent, majestic, noble and incredibly intelligent creatures.  Carrie & Foxy say the birds are ignorant, foolish and ridiculously laughable.  Who is right?