Well, it looks like MU has another new Athletic Director, but this one isn’t interim.  At least not yet?!?  We’ll share the info and opinions on Hank Foley’s Follies this morning.

Marijuana use in the use seems to be increasing with a serious jump in just the last three years.  Who’s using, who’s not, where in the US, and what about church goers versus folks who never attend church?  Smoke ’em if you got ’em while we talk about the issue.

What’s the deal with Olympic athletes and their sexual activity during the games?  We know they’ve all received about 40 condoms each on their arrival.  Do they use ’em?  Maybe they’re very active….or maybe they wait till after competing to keep from hindering their abilities to win the Gold.  A few studies have been conducted on sex and athletes’ performances and we share them on the show.