Welcome to Winter, officially arriving last night, making today the first full day of Winter.

We’ll warm things up with a discussion on the Trump-Hillary fight going on, where Donald calls Hillary a liar and say she lost in the 2008 Iowa caucuses to Obama. Actually, he says she got “…schlonged”.  What?

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We haven’t had any discussions on TTBS yet about the teen who suffered from “Affluenza” and slaughtered 4 pedestrians in a drunken crash in 2013 in Texas.  But all the rest of Main-stream Media seems to be addicted to the story.  We’ll go deep on the subject today as authorities are searching for him and his mother.

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And criminal defense attorney Jennifer Bukowsky joins TTBS this morning to get in on our discussions as well as updating us on a couple of her high profile cases…and she’s never quiet or boring!