Yesterday, we were set back on our heels when we heard the news we lost Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey.  Today, we’ll try to thank him for all the years and all the music, talk about the impact he made over the last 45 years, and share some meories with his tunes as TTBS bumpers this morning.

Glenn Frey, 1948-2016

Uh oh, looks like the Academy Awards are in trouble.  This year’s list of acting nominees are all white, and that has some people (understandably) upset.  Wonder if the fact that most of the voting body of the Oscars are White men?   Hmmm…

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And the water problems in Flint aren’t getting any better, and residents of that area of Michigan are getting a little P.O.’d.  (Somebody should have called their Culligan Man!).

Flint, MI Water Problems