We’re back from a long holiday weekend and chompin’ at the bit to talk about…

Pasta.  Apparently, there’s a piece of research is telling us eating pasta is more likely to lead to being fit, not overweight or obese.  Seriously?  Who did this research…Barilla?

Drones.  Remember the video on Youtube that features a drone in someone’s backyard with a handgun attached to it?  Firing shots at a target?  Well, the FAA is taking the father & son responsible to court…they say they have jurisdiction over a half pound drone in your backyard because it’s an aircraft.  So, is a paper plane an aircraft and do they have authority over those as well?

And Joey Chestnut won yesterday’s annual 4th of July hot dog eating contest.  70 in 10 minutes…including buns.  That’s 7 per minute.  That’s a hot dog & bun in 8.5 seconds.  Could you even handle one that quick?