Sen. ted Cruz is upset that the Washington Post created a political cartoon that included his two daughters (depicted as monkeys!?!), but he has already used them in a lengthy pro-Cruz (Dad) video for his political gain.  We’ll be talking about the right & wrong…mostly the wrong…of this whole bag of crap.

Read the story and see the Cruz family video

A judge is Seattle has upheld a “gun violence tax”, approximately $25 per gun plus .02 to .05 cents per round of ammo to help offset the cost of gun-related violence in their city.  They hope to raise $500,000 annualy with the fee…an probably curtail gun purchases!  Exactly how do we feel about that?

Seattle gun tax story

And this morning, we exchange our X-mas gifts to each other on TTBS.  Maybe we’ll even sign a few Christmas Carols….