Zika?  What exactly is this virus?  And now that a case in Texas is said to have been sexually transmitted it seems to be getting more attention.  Guess so.  We’ll go over what it is, how it’s spread, and why a car company has had to change the name of it’s latest hatchback.

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Condoms for Kiddos?  The San Francisco School District is considering giving condoms to all middle school students…that’s grades 8-6…that’s 14-11-year-olds. Good. Hope they include demonstrations, mood lighting, private and semi-private suites, DVD’s of “Fifty Shades”, Planned Parenthood Gift Cards…etc.

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Interesting thought:   If young women are now being allowed into front-line training and fighting in our armed forces, shouldn’t they be registering for the draft just like young men?  That’s what our top military leaders are saying.

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