President Obama used his mighty pen to sign an executive action on new gun regulations and ignite a heck of a controversy.  Was he right to do it?…Does it interfere with our 2nd Amendment rights?…and will it make any difference at all?  We’ll talk about it this morning on TTBS.

Legal Questions about Obama’s Ex Action on Guns

A day after a letter from MO Lawmakers demanded that MU remove Melissa “I need some muscle over here” Click from her position, a new letter has been revealed showing over 100 MU faculty in support of her keeping her job.

The letter and more info from the Columbia Missourian

And the British Parliment is getting set to debate on Banning Trump!  After his “ban all muslims” remark(s) in late 2015, they’re considering banning The Donald from entering the UK.  Hmmm….turnabout?

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