Why did I leave my daily Radio show in the middle of Winter? I’ve always dreamed of taking a leave for a month or two in the Fall when leaves are changing, smallmouth bass are biting and my Harley (Crazy Horse) is feeling frisky for winding roads. But January in Mid-MO? Please.

The one thing I’ve really enjoyed during my time off is listening to Radio from the outside. I’ve only had the chance to do this once in the last 32 years and it definitely brought new perspective to my view. The one major thing I learned during that break is that Radio isn’t the center of the Universe. Sounds simple, but it isn’t. Cops, teachers, politicians, journalists, bar tenders…can all fall into the trap of believing they are the epicenter where “it” all happens. Not that everyone does. But in Radio, we’re some of the worst.

Back during my hiatus, I shared this thought with a couple Radio friends who were still toiling away day and night in little rooms filled with wires. I said “It’s wild! Like, without Radio, life would still go on!” They cocked their heads like puppies faced with a new, incomprehensible conundrum.

Since I’ve always been on the air in the morning, I haven’t been able to enjoy listening to Radio as it happens…as I happen. And it reminded me of something; how fortunate we all are to have such tremendous talent in the Radio business in this region. There are Pros here whose talent exceeds their market size. And I’ve been blessed to have worked with damn near every one of them.

The quiet calm and intellect of David Lile on KFRU. The champion of Radio and all-pro veteran, Chris “don’t call me Leon” Kellogg. (Anyone remember the Breakfast Flakes back in the 80’s?). My very good friend, the loveable Uncle Scotty on Clear-99. The incredible presence of Mo Louis on BXR and my favorite Brit, Simon Rose. The quirky genius and Godfather of Mid-MO Radio, Al Germond. I cherish his friendship, his stories and this radio he gave me when I left KPLA.Outside the Bottle

Gary Nolan on The Eagle is a gigantic fish in this pond we call home. His talent should be heard on hundreds of stations across this country. Nicci Garmon on KCMQ doesn’t just know Classic Rock…her voice is Classic Rock. She’s been there, lived it, has the T-shirt, and all the stories the FCC says she can’t share on the air.

Cosmo, my man D Larimer, Aric Bremer..and the list goes continues with many others. Including many who graced us for years and moved on like my former partner Sarah Hunter. And Teresa Davis, my first hire at Clear-99 whom we lost in 2014. We all miss you T.

I had to take a moment to write this blog before I climb back inside the bottle on a new Radio show. After that, it might seem a little weird. Not to me, because this is the truth. But maybe to others who haven’t spent time on both sides…looking in and looking out.