It’s a Food Fest Friday and Steve Pezold from Clean Air Solutions is apparently one Helluva biscuit baker.  So he’s joining TTBS today and bringing a dozen of those babies in to go with Tom’s Jennings Premium Meats Spicy Sausage Gravy.  Foxy adds to the taste factor with Chocolate-on-chocolate donuts from Harold’s Donuts.  Damn fine breakfast!

The DEA has made a decision on marijuana, keeping it classified as a Schedule 1 controlled substance…which keeps it in the same category as Ecstasy, LCD, and even Heroin!  Seriously.

Trump doubles, triples, and quadruples down on his “Obama Founded ISIS” statements.  And then this morning says it was sarcasm?

And the NFL is entering preseason action this weekend with a ruling for the Dallas Cowboys; No cop-supporting-badge on your uniforms, even if there was an ambush on police in Dallas just weeks ago.  Hmmm.