“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has opened and we celebrate this morning with a Food Fest Friday based on that, with each of us introducing a Star Wars inspired contribution.  We’ll be using the smart phone app “Periscope” when Tom breaks out the griddle and cooks on TTBS this morning.

Info on the Periscope App

Yesterday, President Obama took to national TV for a quick press conference to describe what the US is doing to combat ISIS and terrorist threats against the U.S.  This on the same day the feds in his administration admitted in a house oversight hearing they have no idea where the Hell thousands of visa-revoked foreigners released in America are today.  Wow.  Not exactly putting us at ease.

House Oversight Hearing story from FOX News

The inductees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have been selected and announced, and it looks like TTBS NAILED IT in our predictions (desires?)…which means we get to gloat in that and go over the list and great music again today!

Full story from CNN