Special co-hosts Tom Boman and Meredith Hoenes join TTBS this morning to kick off a new week.  We’ll chat about President Obama’s national address from the Oval Office last night concerning the on-going fight against ISIS.  Wait, he calls ’em ISIL.  Why?  That’s a whole ‘nother mystery.

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Looks likes the US Justice Dept. is going to investigate the Chicago Police, spurred on by the 13 months it took Chicago to charge a cop with murder after shooting Laquan McDonald 16 times.  Wow, the Justice Dept. is coming to the party a little late, aren’t they?

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Here’s a question:  When I’m on my smart phone and an advertisement pops up, why does the “x” seem so elusive in trying to close the damn thing?  Uh…they’re doing that on purpose!

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