Bev Randles is running for the office of Missouri’s Lt. Governor, and she joins TTBS this morning.  She’s a smart cookie and she’ll talk with us about Effective & Limited Government, Tort Reform, Tax Relief and Constitutional Rights.

Bev Randles for Lt. Governor Web Site

We lost Merle Haggard yesterday on his 79th birthday.  We’ll, of course, take time today to remember some great songs while we talk about his more than interesting life story.

Merle Haggard Dies at 79

A San Antonio public school police officer is on leave after a video hit the web showing him body slamming a 12-year-old girl before taking her into custody.  There are over a dozen disturbing issues at play in the video…we’ll try to name most of them this morning on TTBS.

Story and Video from FOX News