It’s Election Day for Presidential Primaries and…DA DA DA…THE ROLL CART BAN!  We’ll talk about the voting and take calls, texts and email from anyone wanting to brag about their choices and convince others to vote the same.

Prop 1:  On the Roll Cart Ban, a “Yes” makes sure we keep the Black & Blue Bag System.  A “No” means the City can continue to consider adding Roll Carts to our trash pick-up plan.  We’ll share the “No” vote team’s stance from their web site.

Sarah Palin’s husband Todd was in a bad snowmobile accident.  While he was scheduled for surgery, Sarah was appearing at a Trump rally in Florida talking about “…punk ass thuggery”.  If your spouse had 8 fractured ribs and damage to their collarbone and lungs, would you jump on a plane to head a couple thousand miles away while your injured loved on was heading into surgery?

Sarah Stump for Trump

Campaign Gaffe.    Hillary claims the U.S. never lost a single person in Lybia.  WTF?  Hello?   Benghazi?  As in Benghazi, Lybia?  Hillary…this campaign is seriously taking a toll on you.

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