Concerned Student 1950 had a little march yesterday.  Of course they did.  Director Spike Lee is still in town after the True/False Film Fest this past weekend and he deserved to see their ignorance in person.  Loos like they’re upset that MU has tried to tone down their “demands” attitude.

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We’re one week away from the Missouri Primary, and voters are heading to their polls today in Michigan and Mississippi.  New twist:  Trump and Cruz (and even a couple Rubio advisers) are encouraging Rubio to drop out before his home state of Florida even gets a chance to vote…also scheduled for March 15th.

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And Chef Jeff joins TTBS this morning…The Broadway’s Executive Chef, Jeff Guinn, is Missouri Restaurant Association’s Restaurateur of the Year, and he’ll get us ready for the Taste of Mid-Missouri next Monday.

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