Waking up this morning with an election day hangover?  You’re not alone.  Here in Missouri the presidential primary races are to close to call at this posting, and close enough that a recall may be asked for.  We’ll go though all the results and our opinions this morning on TTBS.

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The Roll Cart Ban (Prop 1) passed in Columbia, meaning we stick with the Black & Blue trash bag system…for now.  In 6 months, the City Council could move in a different direction!

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Brent Gardner, real Estate Agent and chair of the Downtown Leadership Council, joins TTBS this morning.  He’s been asking interesting questions lately about infrastructure and math.  Seems the City of Columbia may or may not have a good formula in place for when we say yes or no to new apartment buildings in The District…

In-depth Story on Dowtown zoning “loo hole” from KOMU TV8